冻干酸奶块 Freeze Dried Yogurt Cubes



Healthy low-calorie freeze-dried yogurt cubes🎀About 50g/206 kcal.
Mixed flavors, because I am not willing to buy one alone! !
The fruits are: yellow peach, strawberry, blueberry, mango, the fruit pieces are all in the yogurt block, and you can see the flavor by looking at the color.
It tastes sweet and sour, crispy and crunchy, and has a particularly strong fruity flavor. It is very enjoyable to chew. It can be paired with oats, fruit tea, and coffee.
This snack uses freeze-drying technology, which is also called aerospace food technology. The dehydration rate of the freeze-dried fruit is more than 95%, and it can be stored at room temperature for more than 1 year without any preservatives. For example, a 20g bag of fruit freeze-dried is equivalent to ten times the nutrient content of fresh fruit, because generally 500g of fresh fruit can only make 50g of freeze-dried finished product.

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25g, 60g, 100g


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