原味骆驼奶条 Camel Milk Strip

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来自内蒙古的大草原,同样是内蒙古10大特产之一的驼奶条!真正的补钙圣品,适合各大人群 包括孕妇,老人和小孩

Camel milk strips from the prairie of Inner Mongolia, one of the top 10 specialty products of Inner Mongolia! A true calcium supplement, suitable for all large groups of people, including pregnant women, the elderly and children
Camel milk is rich in nutrients and can provide people with the energy needed for all day activities. In many countries, camel milk is fed to malnourished babies to supplement nutrition. Compared with the milk fat of cow’s milk and goat’s milk, camel milk contains less short-chain fatty acids. In addition, camel milk contains more fat and protein than cow’s milk. The cholesterol content in camel milk is also lower than that in cow’s milk and goat’s milk.
Camel milk has more vitamins, minerals and immunoglobulin content. The amount of vitamin C in camel milk is three times higher than that in milk, and the iron content is ten times higher than that in milk. The content of unsaturated fat and vitamin B in camel milk is also very high!


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