牛初乳棒棒糖奶贝 Colostrum Milk Lollipop

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Are you still worried that your child can’t eat candy? Does eating sugar cause hyperactivity in children?
Have you faced it? Children are arguing every day to eat sweets, do they feel pitiful for not letting them eat it?
Our shop will help you solve this problem…
This colostrum lollipop is not only a favorite of children, but also a favorite of parents!
Colostrum is extremely valuable, not only can help enhance brain development, enhance immunity, but also be a sacred item for children’s bones!
The nutrition of bovine colostrum: bovine colostrum contains more than 7 kinds of growth factors, immunoglobulins, bioactive peptide binding proteins and vitamins and trace elements required by the human body, which can enhance resistance and immunity, promote growth and development and improve IQ, eliminate fatigue, delay aging, regulate blood sugar, enhance physical fitness, improve exercise performance, recovery after illness and post-operation, regulate intestinal flora, etc.


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