青刀豆 四季豆 Dehydration Green Bean


蔬果脆片是一款采用100%全天然蔬果作为食品原料,采用低温真空脱水,保留了蔬果的原汁原味及原有的营养成分。让大家随手就能补充营养,即开即食。 ✅绝无添加味精,防腐剂 ✅低热量 ✅全素 ✅孕妇Pregnant Woman,小孩Child 适合食用 ✅ Trans fat-free. ✅ Vegan palm oil. ✅ Its oil content is lower than ordinary fried foods. ✅ Low-temperature vacuum drying can better preserve the original nutrition of vegetables and fruits. ✅ NO ADDED: Artificial preservative, Artificial colorings, Artificial spices. ✅ 无反式脂肪。✅ 全素棕榈油。✅ 油含量低于普通油炸食品。✅ 采用低温熟化,更好保存蔬果原有营养。✅ 绝无添加:人工防腐剂、人造色素、人造香料。

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35g, 50g, 100g, 250g


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